Ding Zhou

Chong Ding Zhou

Nanyang Junior College

"In a nutshell, Casandra has helped improve my confidence in GP.  From a U grade, I managed to score an A for my A Levels in less than a month.

Before attending her lessons, I found myself lost and helpless for this subject due to its huge array of topics to cover.


When I was under Casandra's guidance, she patiently assisted me in any way possible to make sure I fully understood the content. Her lessons are enjoyable and interactive. She consistently questions her students about specific examples and provides tips on how to improve language.


I felt relieved and assured thanks to her guidance!"


Jonathan Ng

Victoria Junior College

"Having joined Casandra's class only at the end of J1, I thought that it would be too late to get my GP grade back on track as I was constantly hovering about the borderline but I was wrong.


Through her classes, I learnt essential skills in tackling the various components of the syllabus which were reinforced through regular practices. Her succinct and comprehensive notes on the various GP topics also aided me greatly in my essay writing and application question. 

Furthermore, with every written exercise, she would provide personal comments and detailed answers to help me understand my mistakes and improve upon them. Along the way, she would also expose us to new words and phrases to widen our vocabulary. Moreover, she understands the hectic life of a JC student, thus she regularly helps us to compile relevant news links for us to read and keep abreast of current developments. 

Slowly but surely, I saw my GP grade improve over the course of J2 and eventually got an A at the final timed practice before the A levels, as well as an A for my A Levels. I would strongly recommend students in need of help for GP to join her classes today as my results speak for them!"


Avril Bin

Tampines Junior College

"Casandra is a very devoted teacher who goes the extra mile to help her students.

I used to struggle with my GP essay writing until I met her. She taught me numerous ways to plan an essay from scratch (which is super crucial) and how to structure my essay so I could easily express a point with academic phrases.

Really thankful to have her during my JC years!! Thank you Cas! :)"


Galen Soh

Catholic Junior College

"GP had always been a dry topic to me. I was consistently scoring Es and Ds. Enter Casandra and her steadfast belief that every student can score an A in GP - she somehow manages to make the process of learning GP a less arduous one.


With Casandra's exemplary notes spanning a panoply of topics, timed and graded practices with her comments tailored to each of our own areas for improvement, as well as her unrelenting encouragement, this was the 'magic' formula that enabled me to score an A for my A levels. I strongly urge anyone who needs help in GP to attend her classes as her unique teaching pedagogy will definitely help you reap your desired GP grade!!" (full testimonial #17)


Bryan Teo

Jurong Junior College

"Prior to joining Ms Casandra’s tuition, GP was never a subject I was able to excel in, and neither was it one that I found interest in. This resulted in me consistently failing my tests and examinations in school throughout J1 and in the earlier parts of J2. Thankfully, I was able to join Ms Casandra’s GP classes mid-way through J2. Via her classes, she helped to pique my interest in current affairs, making every lesson one to look forward to as she presented us new and valuable materials and information that I for one so desperately needed for my GP! 

The comprehension was my Achilles' heel in GP, but her lessons helped drill into me the necessary techniques I needed to answer questions correctly- and that is something I never could’ve achieved without her lessons! 


I am very happy to have been granted the opportunity to be under Ms Casandra’s tutelage, and she has truly been a godsend, helping me to do better in GP than I ever could’ve done by myself :)"


Jerry Koh

Victoria Junior College

"GP used to be a nightmare. I found the papers daunting and the exercises a Herculean chore. However, after attending Casandra's lessons, I realised the beauty and relevance of GP. I really appreciate how she creates useful notes, curates helpful videos and articles, and compiles them for us to watch and read in our spare time as homework.

Care and concern is the name of her game; her determination in making sure every student understands and grasps concepts and techniques is evident in her prompt and thorough replies via messages. These are qualities of a teacher that make me respect her and GP as a subject. 

She made me recognise that GP is not all about an exam, but an enrichment to my knowledge of the workings of the world. I gained knowledge and exposure which I would not have found for myself, allowing me to leap from Ds to an A in the A Levels."


Zachary Tan

Millennia Institute

"Casandra is the definition of kindness, devotion and patience; a loving teacher who never gives up on her students even when it takes them an eternity to get a concept right. My essays used to be incoherent before I met Casandra.

At the start, she drilled us on perfecting our essay structure, which made our learning experience later much more tolerable. This allowed us to focus on other aspects of GP, like the torturous comprehension.

Casandra regularly pumps us with content and thoroughly goes through them for us to fully understand, remember and appropriately use them in our essays.

I would not have survived GP without Casandra and I thank her for guiding me through this taxing subject!"

Sheng Yu

Tek Sheng Yu

National Junior College

"For most of my JC life, I struggled with the essay component of the General Paper. Even though my school’s teachers conducted question analysis sessions regularly, I was still unsure of how to go about answering the varied questions.


I improved in this aspect, among others, after attending the tuition as Casandra breaks down the mental process on how to tackle the question types. She guides us through before encouraging us to attempt using the techniques taught. 

Casandra is very patient in her teaching and she finds ways to make her explanation more relatable when we are still a little bit unsure. In addition, she prepares abundant GP materials for us to read in our own time, from which I gleaned useful facts and expanded my vocabulary. 


All in all, through her teaching, I managed to improve my GP grade to an A in the A Level Exam, when I had previously remained stagnant at a D grade before joining her tuition class." (full testimonial #16)


Kenneth Chua

Hwa Chong Institution

"Casandra is an extremely dedicated and driven teacher. Through her tips and cheatsheets on how to tackle GP questions, she has made GP a much easier subject.


Her lessons are interesting and she constantly seeks to stretch our mind. She’s an amazing and caring GP teacher and I’m extremely grateful to her for my good GP grades! :)"


Every Student Has a Story

Testimonials by A Level GP Students:

1. "Thank you very very much for tutoring me during my A level period! You’ve been an incredible tutor — I think I did really well on the GP, thanks to you! You were also an incredible listener. You put up with my constant worrying and nervous anxiety with unbelievable patience. You never made me feel stupid for fretting so much. Given that you only started teaching me a few months before my GP paper, it was really surprising that I could get an A when I never did well in my school before. I will definitely recommend you to everyone as a GP tutor! :)" -Sheralyn Chng, ACJC

2. “Casandra helped me tremendously for my GP paper in JC. GP became my favourite subject to learn in school especially after attending Casandra’s tuition sessions. She not only provides academic and structural help for constructing excellent essays, but she also goes through a lot of general knowledge topics which is the main core of GP. This made lessons interesting and extremely nourishing. I gained a lot of new information and insights on global happenings and on how to apply them to my GP paper. It felt exciting and interesting to learn more about the world, as Casandra used videos and different articles to teach me about them. I rarely received this knowledge from school. Casandra is very friendly and open, therefore I was able to freely discuss with her each other’s opinions about issues and this helped broaden my knowledge and insights. I have no regrets in attending Casandra’s sessions. Thank you so much for helping me throughout the year! I really enjoyed the lessons and I am thankful for you teaching me more about general knowledge, even more than helping me get good scores for my GP examinations throughout the year.” -Antony Hashwin, SRJC

3. "Casandra has been a really effective and wonderful tutor! My grades had been slipping and having done consistently well for English in secondary school, I felt incredibly perplexed and desperate with regard to my poor performance. On our first lesson, she immediately went through some strategies to help me better manage the paper, and despite only having a few lessons leading up to the promotional examinations, she helped me push my percentile way higher.  I now have full faith in doing better for my A levels next year. Her lesson materials are well-crafted, along with her explanations that are concise yet comprehensive, and I gain a lot of relevant general knowledge from the articles she forwards me to read, which I can then apply in my essays. She’s also one of the most responsible tutors I’ve met, and puts in extra effort into each lesson, making sure I understand and giving me opportunities to clarify any doubts, even if it means staying back way beyond the end of each lesson. Thank you so much, Casandra!" -Stephanie Sim, RI (JC)


4. "Casandra is a resourceful and dedicated teacher who is well-prepared for all her lessons. She makes sure that her students are exposed to a plethora of material from different schools and outside sources. Her lessons are often filled with enriching videos, articles and pictures from the Internet, bulletins and credible magazines, making her lessons enjoyable and the learning of GP very versatile. She is an extremely warm and patient teacher who would address her students' mistakes in the most tactful yet effective way. By identifying a student's weaknesses together with the student, the student is able to take charge of his or her learning while being guided by Casandra. With Casandra's passion and skill for teaching and her positive attitude, she is definitely able to channel the skills and techniques required for GP to her prospective students." -Anonymous (by student's request), HCI


5. "Casandra is an extremely dedicated and competent tutor. I have never been good in General Paper since the start of JC1 and I was even made to attend remedial sessions after scoring near the bottom of my cohort for my Promotional Examinations. With the help of Casandra, who sufficiently prepared me in terms of content, language and skills, I saw my grades leap from E to A. Getting a good grade for General Paper is very tough, especially in my school where only approximately 20% of the students obtain an A. I believe that I was able to achieve this feat because of the help from Casandra." -Benjamin Eu, NJC


6. "I have never been enlightened on how easy it was to write an answer for the Application Question until I met Casandra. With her unique teaching pedagogy, experience and dedication, I was able to gain insight and a broader perspective on issues surrounding today's world. She was able to impart great content as well as skills neatly packaged into a structure that was easy to follow and apply throughout both Paper 1 and 2. It has been great learning with her and I highly recommend her as a GP tutor." -Ian, CJC 

7. "Casandra is a very passionate and dedicated teacher. From the very first GP lesson, she has been constantly updating me with current affairs, which was certainly beneficial in helping me come up with up-to-date and relevant examples in my essays. She is also patient in guiding me through comprehension after comprehension, ensuring that at the end of the day, I will possess the necessary skillset to excel. Under her guidance, I saw a drastic improvement in my GP. Thank you so much Casandra." -Kenny Lou, DHS

8. "Casandra's help has been instrumental in my gain of new insight and knowledge throughout my final year journey for GP. By beginning with the content basics, and then progressing on to the more challenging tasks, each lesson is dutifully planned to cater to our specific weaknesses. She patiently guides us to view and consider things from different perspectives through the coherent and interesting links she constantly makes across the many topics. In addition, I also found her mode of teaching to be very suited to my own learning style and I have since gathered more confidence in tackling various questions. Thank you for recognising my potential and even more so for helping me realise it :)" -Trixie, AJC


9. "Although I attended only a few of Casandra's paper 2 classes and AQ classes last year, I found them very useful and relevant, and thus will continue with her GP tuition classes this year. She is a dedicated tutor, being willing to mark our essays and homework outside tuition hours. I trust her to prepare me well for this year's GP exam. (:" -Xiao En, Private Candidate

10. "I had always been failing GP throughout my JC years, and in the last stretch before the A Levels, my friend recommended Casandra's crash courses for the AQ and Short-Answer Questions to me.  Though it was rather last-minute and lessons were few, I managed to learn a lot and became more confident in tackling those sections. Her lessons are really productive and she's a dedicated teacher who puts in the extra effort for her students. I am glad to have found her before the As!" -Shermeen, RVHS

11. "I scored C6 for my English and it was my worst subject for my O levels! I then asked Casandra for help in GP as I decided to go to a JC in 2014 and she taught me GP in 2014. She is a very caring and patient person who will take extra time to explain things to me if I fail to understand or forget from the previous lessons. I once questioned her on why she had not yet taught me the format for the essay component, because I saw my friend from another tuition centre learning it already. She explained why to me and then I gradually understood that she was teaching things to me one at a time so that I would not get confused, and so that I would get my content right. This would then make it much easier to apply the format. She taught me different skills for the different components of GP in a very precise and easy-to-understand manner. I remember the first time I took the comprehension exam after learning the AQ skills from her, I got 6 marks out of 10 for it! She told me many students fail AQ on their first test, so I was very proud! But all of these improvements in my GP results are due to her excellent way of teaching! From English being my worst subject, with the help of Casandra, it is now one of my best subjects (as evinced in my promotional examination results) and one of my favourite subjects! It is a subject that you don't need to study so hard into the night for. As long as you learn the skills Casandra teaches, and also the information she assigns you to read in your free time so that you gain additional knowledge, there's no problem excelling in the subject!" -Joe Tan, YJC

12. "Casandra has helped me tremendously with General Paper. I was not doing very well in school and my grades were slipping. Thus, I signed up for GP tuition. True enough, it proved to be of great assistance. She meticulously planned and prepared every single set of notes which greatly helped me to improve in my essay and comprehension components. I really appreciate the time taken and effort put in to really help me. She is also well aware of useful tactics that worked well for me during exams and gave extra lessons when my A levels was near. She is knowledgeable, engaging and committed! I highly recommend her as she has patience teaching and is clear in her explanation while going at the correct pace. Thank you, Casandra, for your dedication and support! :)" -Wong Xin Yi, AJC

13. "Casandra is a responsible and dedicated tutor. She always prepares the most up-to-date teaching materials for lessons and is fully well aware of the useful techniques that aid me well in exams. GP lessons are always interactive and enlightening for me. Casandra always pushes me to be a critical thinker and explore issues from all perspectives. I have learnt how to adopt views that are different from others and make connections across topics, which makes the content more insightful and informative. Thanks to Casandra I have shown improvement in my grades. It has been a great pleasure learning from Casandra and I highly recommend her as a GP tutor." -Wong Xin Xian, RVHS


14.  "Casandra is a very responsible tutor, with a kind heart and good skills. Whenever I have questions or need help, she will help me in different ways without hesitation. We still have a very good relationship although I have already finished my A Levels. She taught me for about half a year and I really learnt a lot from her, from the tremendous amount of notes and websites she offered me. Yes, she is young, but that does not mean she lacks teaching experience and indeed, as a result of the small age difference, we are able to communicate better and share a common understanding which I think is very important for learning GP. Although I passed my GP, I think I would have done better if I had engaged her as my tutor right at the start of my JC life. She is definitely a good tutor and if you really want to improve your GP result, she is the one that you should be looking for." -Zhao Bin Yu, AJC

15. "Casandra is a very committed and engaging GP tutor that I am very grateful for. I never thought that I'd be interested in GP and its skills but after attending Casandra's classes, I felt motivated to learn more. Her lessons are productive, because there is always something new to take away from each lesson. Never had I imagined that I would one day be able to use the fancy words and stylistic language Casandra taught us, before attending her lessons. After attending a year of her GP lessons, I not only improved immensely in my grades, but also gained new insights about the world and its major issues. Casandra is also very encouraging and picks out all the positive points in our works so as to spur us on, and a kind tutor who understands a stressful student life, and moderates the amount of work we need to do at home to ensure that the myriad of teachings is broken down into bite-sized learning. :)" -Xin Yi, AJC


16. "For most of my JC life, I struggled with the essay component of the General Paper. Personally, the most daunting aspects were the diverse topic areas we were assumed to have knowledge in as well as the crafting of a solid argument. Even though my school’s teachers conducted question analysis sessions regularly, I was still unsure of how to go about answering the varied questions, especially when faced with the seemingly foreign topics.


I improved in this aspect, among others, after attending the tuition as Casandra breaks down the mental process on how to tackle the question types. She guides us through before encouraging us to attempt using the techniques taught. By doing this, I had plenty of practices crafting my own topic sentences and was able to realize what I lacked and the ways to improve.


Even though each student has his/her own unique writing style, I was exposed to the writing styles of my tuition group mates through the sharing of our work and benefited from it. By reading their work alongside with Casandra’s comments and listening in when she explained their flaws and strengths, I was able to see clearly what was lacking in my work as well as the viewpoints that I would not have considered before. Furthermore, I was able to glean a few insights on the parts they did well in.


Casandra is very patient in her teaching and she finds ways to make her explanation more relatable when we are still a little bit unsure. I find that she really prepares us for the GP examination as she plans her lesson schedules ahead based on the topic areas we agreed to focus on for the essay and spends equal time strengthening all aspects of our Paper 1 and Paper 2. In addition, she prepares abundant GP materials for us to read in our own time, from which I gleaned useful facts and expanded my vocabulary. She also obtains feedback from us regularly to find out which section we are least confident in and spends more time going through the related skills and practices.


All in all, through her teaching, I managed to improve my GP grade to an A in the A Level Exam, when I had previously remained stagnant at a D grade before joining her tuition class." -Tek Sheng Yu, NJC (full testimonial)

17. “GP had always been a dry topic to me, due to its seemingly broad nature and it generally being a subject that most students have no idea how to study effectively for. I was among these students, consistently scoring Es and Ds.


Enter Casandra and her steadfast belief that every student can score an A in GP - she somehow manages to make the process of learning GP a less arduous one, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate in her classes and always sets aside time to help us even with her busy schedule. Perpetually prepared with pertinent and current case studies, and key ideas to take away with every lesson, Casandra also does not neglect the basics, constantly teaching and reiterating the skills we should utilise in tackling a myriad of question types we come across in various components of the GP paper. Furthermore, she continuously expands our vocabulary with new words and phrases that we can weave into our writing to make it stand out. With Casandra's exemplary notes spanning a panoply of topics, timed and graded practices with her comments tailored to each of our own areas for improvement, as well as her unrelenting encouragement, this was the 'magic' formula that enabled me to score an A for my A levels. I strongly urge anyone who needs help in GP to attend her classes as her unique teaching pedagogy will definitely help you reap your desired GP grade!!” -Galen Soh, CJC (full testimonial)

18. "I believe the two important aspects to a great teacher are passion and skill. Miss Casandra not only has both, but she demonstrates both exceedingly well. She has definitely rekindled my love for English and I could never look at GP as a dreaded hopeless subject like I used to. It is evident that she is thoroughly concerned with the students' welfare and progress, and possesses a copious amount of knowledge and awareness in today's affairs. She has a very clear thought-process judging from the way she effectively puts her thoughts into words, and would continually fill my head with enlightening thoughts and phrases that describes certain scenarios so perfectly (Can I scream, EUREKA?!).

I am amazed at the talent she has for teaching English, because it is not a mere simple subject anyone can teach, yet I am always learning new things and constantly improving as each lesson goes by. Although I've only joined the tuition for 5 months, Miss Casandra has motivated me to pick up reading even after my exams, and I find myself having a funny hunger for knowledge with a greater curiosity and tendency to read up more on controversial issues and to ponder on the different possibilities and perspectives. It is a lasting impact I am so very grateful for. Best GP Tutor. Fact, not opinion." -Claudia Lee, IJC


19. Casandra is a relevant, passionate and effective teacher. Her lessons are always interesting, succinct and fruitful as she teaches us the essential skills that most students find it difficult to grasp. I strongly feel that she does a way better job than some teachers in schools who are still in their dreamland thinking that their lessons are intriguing and useful. No regrets joining Casandra's tuition just 3 months before the A levels and even if the results don't turn out well (update: A Level GP grade A), I can say that I've truly learnt a lot within few months. Furthermore, she is genuine about helping her students and hence provides GP tuition at much more affordable rates and does not charge extra fees when lessons (which often) extend beyond the scheduled time. Join Casandra's GP tuition and surely, you will benefit!!" -Ng Ai Hiang, AJC

20. "Hi Casandra, just wanted to share with you how it went for me today. Honestly at first I was so skeptical of taking up GP tuition because my teacher didn't recommend it and GP is a H1 subject, but I'm so glad I did because I wouldn't have gotten this far. Also I'm glad that I went for your mock exam because my time management improved by so much. I comfortably finished my Paper 1 and Paper 2 (even though I could have written more in Paper 2).

For Paper 1, since there were two age groups to address, I'm just afraid I didn't discuss enough about one side while supporting the other. Also I misspelt populace and I desperately wanted to show off my Arts knowledge but I didn't have enough content for SG context, but oh wells my takeaway from your class is still applicable outside of GP.

For Paper 2, the passage was easy to digest but paraphrasing was slightly challenging to get the correct context. And I was so proud of my summary because I did it faster than usual and I manage to squeeze all the points in. And AQ was surprising but I had 25 minutes to do it. And I'm really glad I took the paper 2 practices you gave seriously because sports came out!!!! But I did forget the examples I used but I still managed to flood my AQ with characteristics of SG. 

I just want to say thank you so much because I genuinely feel that all the time and effort is worth it and you helped me so much in my learning and I applied most of it today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ONE PAPER DOWN YAY!" -Ummi, AJC

21. "General Paper used to be one of my most hated subjects when I entered Junior College, but Casandra not only added fun to General Paper, she was also able to help me develop a liking for the current affairs of the world, not just for me to do well for GP but also to increase my general knowledge for me to grow to be a more knowledgable person as a whole. She not only cared about GP as a subject but also cared about my well-being as well. The few months as she tutored me were both exciting and interesting :) Thanks!!" -Brandon Goh, TPJC

22. "Casandra has been a really dedicated and engaging tutor who has given me a lot of help for GP. Prior to attending her lessons, I was pretty lost when it came to studying for it. Thankfully, I came to discover from her that I was able to learn GP in a structured manner when it comes to writing paragraphs for essays and tackling P2. The skills I have learnt boosted my confidence for GP. I really enjoyed her lessons as she is insightful when it comes to happenings around the world. I must say that I have grown to love her lessons!" -Leong Enci, NYJC

23. "Although I joined in late for Ms Casandra's classes- a mere few months shy of the A levels, I found myself not only learning but enjoying her lessons. Ms Casandra is a dedicated tutor who is very knowledgable in the subject she teaches and also gives appropriate and accurate reports on our essays. I found myself improving after every lesson as a result. Ms Casandra is also a young but experienced tutor whose amiable personality allows her to click well with her students. I would recommend her to any student who is having trouble with their GP as they will grow under Ms Casandra's guidance." -Ng Liyun, VJC

24. "I am extremely grateful to Ms. Casandra for her guidance and patience. With a flexible yet structured teaching methodology, Ms. Casandra equipped me with the skills needed to ace GP examinations and more. Over the course of a few months, my language evidently improved - far beyond my expectations. Being focused on the process of learning rather than grades, Ms. Casandra has helped me build my self-confidence. I am very thankful to have had Ms. Casandra as my GP tutor. She has been a great source of inspiration to me and I strongly recommend her as a tutor to anyone looking for a teacher who goes the extra mile for her student." -Tan Qi, RI (JC)

25. "Ms Casandra pays attention to all her students in the classroom and ensures that all of us are not lagging behind.
One thing which makes her different from the other GP tutors is that she will always update us on the latest news and send us the sources for the articles. Such learning methods are great and they have helped me to gain extra knowledge on recent events effortlessly.


She often sets lessons as an open room for discussion which I really appreciate a lot because I get to exchange different ideas with my peers.

She will also always reply on WhatsApp to all my GP questions which I have on any other days despite having other classes, which makes me truly admire her passion for teaching a lot! :)

Thank you Ms Casandra for helping me to work towards a better grade!! 
" -Chan Yingru, IJC

26. "Casandra was my teacher from the middle of J2 and she helped my GP improve by leaps and bounds quickly - from a D to a B (update: A Level GP grade A). Casandra was really patient and made sure that I understood each concept thoroughly. She is also extremely willing to answer my questions despite how trivial they are! She always goes the extra mile to provide me with general knowledge and help me with non GP related issues (such as my personal statement) and in fact, I see her not only as a tutor but as a friend as well! :)" -Ng Tzeyen, (RI) JC

27. "Cas is a great tutor who helped my language improve significantly through her thoroughly engaging classes that both broadened my horizon on global issues and enhanced my writing skills- key elements to doing well in GP. She is encouraging and very accommodating to all my requests no matter how late into the night it is. She inspired my love for writing, and GP became so much easier with her! I am truly grateful for her help in scoring an A for my A Levels." -Krishmita, MJC

Other testimonials by O Level English Students:


1. "I had tried many times to look for a good English tutor before I was taught by Ms Casandra. However, it was very hard to find one. When Ms Casandra started teaching me English, I realised that English is an interesting subject to learn. However, after my first exam, my English results still didn't improve and my English teacher in school wrote a very discouraging comment on my essay. I was disheartened. However, Casandra always gave me the encouragement to continue to work hard. Her words of comfort moved me deeply and I felt motivated to learn English. Ms Casandra has taught me a lot of useful English techniques for writing essays and for tackling the comprehension. My school teacher has also realised that my English result has steadily improved after I used the techniques that Ms Casandra has taught me!" 

-Liu Mei Hui, AISS


2. "English has been my weakest subject since Primary Five. I had no interest in learning vocabulary, writing essays or even reading English books and hence this resulted in me failing my English. Despite the fact that my worried parents had sent me to many different kinds of good tuition centres, one after another, I still did not show the slightest improvement as all of the tutors were unable to answer my doubts. However, things started to change when I found my tutor Ms Casandra last year in February. I deeply fell in love with English even on the very first day when she started to teach me, because her teaching was just too interesting for me to doze off. There is no way for me to deny the fact that she is really too much better than my school teachers, for she knows my needs very well. I'm so impressed by her ability to capture my every need, that I am always too completely immersed in the lesson to even realise our lesson has ended. I have shown improvements in most of the English components- one of which I would like to highlight is my essay component. I had been scoring only a C5 and B4 range before she started to teach me, but I had amazingly improved to an A1 for last year’s EOY Examinations. Thank you so much, tutor Casandra! :)" -Liu Mei En, AISS