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Principal GP Tutor

A few years ago, I received a phone call at night.

"Hello, do you offer GP tuition?"

A worried mother was on the line. She had tried to enrol her son in several tuition centres, but to no avail. It was less than a month to the A Levels, and her son had scored a U for GP in his prelims.

"Nobody wants to take him in at this point. Please, can you help him?" 

This mother even asked if she could attend lessons with her son, so that she could learn as well, and help him with revision at home. Her hardworking son put in 3 weeks of intense effort, and in the end, he scored a well-deserved A for GP.

This is what makes my work so meaningful. Every student has a different struggle, and a different story to tell. I am here to work with my students, so that their story has the happiest ending that they can be proud of. I believe every student has the potential to score an A for GP and English, and I know how to get them there. 

For 10 years, I have tutored students in need of guidance, motivation and faith in them. I developed my own Power Learning System for English and GP, helping even the most disheartened students achieve their elusive A grade with step-by-step strategies to build their language and critical thinking skills.

1. Step-by-Step Exam Strategies

2. Answer Key Blueprints

3. Systemised Grammar Hacks

4. Vocabulary Precision Techniques

5. Critical Thinking Formula & Training

I founded GP Tuition Casandra with a mission to instil a sustained love for learning in students and to radically improve the way they learn English and GP. I have made a positive difference to the lives and grades of hundreds of students ever since. I am grateful for the trust and willingness of parents and students to work hard with me on every journey, and I hope to inspire more young minds in the years to come.