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How to Write an Effective Introduction for GP Essays

Writing an impressive introduction paragraph for your GP Essays is simple.

My clear-cut, time-saving steps help you do away with the mythical "inspiration" you need to start writing.

Firstly, you need to understand:

What makes an introduction effective?

1. Good context

From the get-go, you need to demonstrate an excellent general awareness of the topic on a global level. This shows the examiner that you know what you are talking about.

Next, you also need to engage with the specific question keywords. This shows the examiner that you are immediately focused on answering the question fully.

2. A clear stand

This goes without saying. Without a clear stand, can you really persuade your examiner to buy into your argument?

Learn to use explicit keywords to indicate your position on the question. Follow the phrasing of the question and leave no room for ambiguity when it comes to your stand.

Finally, always remember to be balanced in your view. Just because you AGREE with the question, does not mean that all points for the DISAGREE camp are invalid. It just means that you have more reasons and arguments to swing to the AGREE camp. Thus, do demonstrate that you perfectly respect the validity of the opposing view, and that you have chosen your stand because it is BETTER, not because you believe it to be the only argument that is true.

3. A good overview of arguments

Like a good menu for a restaurant, your introduction must establish expectations and clearly state what you are offering your reader right from the start.

Nobody likes to be blindly led from one argument to the next, without knowing what direction they are going in or what 'surprises' are in store.

In order to allow your examiner to grade you effectively, set clear expectations. From the start, lay out all the arguments you intend to address. As they read on, they will then know what to look out for and how to evaluate your answer better.

4. Great vocabulary

At the end of the day, GP is a language paper. Many students get so stressed out and preoccupied with memorising examples and following formats, that they forget to write with enjoyment and persuasion.

Your examiner is human after all. They are not immune to the reading pleasure of a well-crafted, interesting argument. Going a step further to weave in literary references to famous works or mythology, as well as using figurative phrasing and less commonly-heard words and phrases, will help you grab their attention and appreciation. This will extraordinarily boost your language score.

Let me show you what I mean, using this step-by-step method:

1. General context.

2. Specific context.

3. It is undeniable that..Opposing Argument 1 (OA).

4. However, Your stand

5. because Supporting Argument 1 (SA1) and because Supporting Argument 2 (SA2).


‘The mass media is to be blamed for perpetuating stereotypes.’ Do you agree?


General context: The mass media

Specific context: Is the mass media really responsible for reinforcing and spreading stereotypes that may be harmful? (*Note, 'blame' has a negative connotation. It would thus be reasonable to assume that stereotypes in this case are harmful.)

Stand: Agree to a large extent

OA: No, because increasingly, it corrects stereotypes and spreads empowering messages in society.

SA1: However, it has a long and undeniable history of playing a major role in entrenching gender stereotypes.

SA2: Additionally, it also has a significant hand in creating harmful racial bias in society.


Full introduction:

The mass media is a powerful and omnipresent entity, capable of communicating ideas and messages that captivate billions on an unprecedented scale in real-time. Yet, can this powerful medium really be held accountable for reinforcing and spreading stereotypes that may be harmful to society? It is undeniable that in the current epoch, traditional and new media are both beginning to correct stereotypes and spread empowering messages more and more. However, I would agree to a large extent that the mass media is still to be blamed for perpetuating stereotypes because it has a long and undeniable history of playing a major role in entrenching gender stereotypes, as well as because it has a significant hand in creating harmful racial bias in society.


Voila! These steps will help make your essay planning and writing remarkably easy and effective. Writing an introduction paragraph never needs to be painful again!

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